Basic wirings Generator Models

Author: Dieter Michels

This wiring diagram is designed such that in the IGN ON position not only the ignition but also the front parking light, horn and brake light are supplied with voltage. Front parking light only if daytime running light is required by law in your country otherwise just omit it.
In LIGHT ON position the high and low beam, speedometer illumination and rear light are switched on in addition. If turn signal lights are required utilize the brown wire for voltage supply.

The horn and the change between high and low beam are switched by commercially available power relays which are controlled by micro switches. You can even use a single pole relay for the horn function but I decided to choose the same type as for the high / low beam due to interchangeability reasons.

In case you don’t trust those micro switches and you prefer solid handlebar switches you don’t have to bother with all that relay junk.

Of course you can slim down this wiring harness additionally e.g. by connecting all grounds via the frame, but I personally do not like that idea since this leads to early wear of the headset bearing due to spark erosion.

About the wire diameters:
0.5mm for all relay control lines
1.0mm for rear / brake light, horn, meter illumination and control lights
1.5mm for the charging and ignition circuit and the wires for high / low beam
2.0mm for the positive wire from the battery to the ignition switch and the main ground wire

Remark: The graphic symbols and wire colors in this wiring diagram do not meet electro engineering standards; anyway this plan works very well.



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  Author: Dieter Michels